Who is the Dark Prince Actually? - Clash-Log #1

Source: Clash Royale Guides | Edited by HYDRA-FRE4K
Clash-Log #1, Dark Prince is one of the characters in the strategy game named Clash Royale. Dark Prince can attack many opponents in front of him, but can't attack opponents who are in the air. But with the shield and the elixir of cheap, these advantages that make it a great character.

By the way, do you know who the actual Dark Prince?
In an episode Clash-A-Rama, Supercell display a scene where the Dark Prince released his mask in front of the Prince. You can see the episode below.
In 8:23, there are scenes of Prince against the Dark Prince.
At that moment, the mask of Dark Prince is opened and Prince actually know who is the actually Dark Prince.


The actually of Dark Prince is


Once upon a time, a Princess has bored because watching her troops battle with enemy troops. She's sad. She can't join the battle. At 7:29, Princess has disturbing Prince. She's shooting at Prince's leg with her bow. Prince angry and Prince want to battle against Princess. And at 7:36, Prince and Princess have a first sight. Prince approach Princess in a Palace. After approach Princess, Prince go out of the arena. 8:13, Princess sent a arrow with message to meeting at the river. In the arena, Prince meet the Dark Prince. Prince against Dark Prince until Dark Prince released her mask. Then, Prince know that Dark Prince is Princess. 9:21, Princess and Prince have a blessing from The King because they so courageous. And they have a sweet relationship.

The end.

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